The giant Gattamugliera

Discovering the truth and recognized in the person of Count Ganelon of Mainz as the architect of an 'ambush, Rinaldo went to Paris, and found that they falsely told to Charlemagne, in anger, in an attempt to kill, accidentally injures the Emperor.

Rinaldo flees, Orlando and only he promises to help his uncle for the affront suffered.

Dopo due giorni di duelli, where neither of paladins can prevail over the other, under the walls of the castle of Montalbano feel drum sounds: It is the army of giant Gattamugliera.

Rinaldo thanks to the intervention of Malagigi magician manages to uncover the deception that bears Gattamugliera giant and holding the sword to kill Durlindana, completando così con la sua morte la promessa fatta a messer Cordolano: kill Gattamugliere and his seven brothers .